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Local Moving Companies Tips on What to Do 1 Week Before Your Move

One of Roanoke, VA’s Leading Local Moving Companies Provides TipsLocal Moving Companies in Roanoke, VA

As your moving date comes closer, you will probably feel like you are running out of time. Maybe you will think you are forgetting something and need something to do. Relocation Benefits provides tips on things you can do to calm down the pre-move jitters.

  • The Movers – It doesn’t hurt to double-check anything. To ease your worries away, make sure you have triple checked and written down the information about the local moving companies you are working with, the day, time, and service they are providing you. This way, any miscommunications should be avoided. A week or two before the move, call and double-check this information with the company.
  • Pack an “Essentials Box” – Before you pack away something you need, do this first. Designate a bag or box labeled “do not move” somewhere in the house to put all of your essentials and things you will need during the move itself. These will be toiletries, changes of clothes, a book for the ride, any medication, snacks, pet food, phone chargers, and more.
  • Put Together a “Day Before Box” – This group will be items you are using in your home until the moment you leave. You might need to save a set of dishes and silverware, work supplies, the coffee pot, bills information, and more. On the day of the move, the “day before box” can go on the truck last and your essentials can go with you in your car.
  • Prepare Big Items for the Move – Make things easier for yourself. If there are items that can be made smaller and taken apart, do it. Tables and table legs, bookcases with removable shelves, and more. Depending on which local moving companies you decide to work with, your moving and storage company might do this for you. Empty, clean out and defrost your fridges if you take them with you. Drain fuel from lawnmowers and different tools. Wrap and cover any blades and gardening tools to prevent damage during the move.
  • Last-Minute Items – Some final things that will need to be taken care of include, paying your final bills, closing out any changed accounts, and canceling or changing your post office box.


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