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Top Moving and Storage Companies Advice on Planning for Your Move

Tips from One of the Leading Moving and Storage Companies in Roanoke, VA & Surrounding AreasMoving and Storage Companies in Roanoke, VA

As a leader among moving and storage companies in Roanoke, VA and surrounding areas, Relocation Benefits knows that planning for your next move can be stressful. You must prepare where you are going, know your belongings, and find the best moving and storage companies for you. But when and where do you begin?


How to Plan for Your Move

The first step to planning a new move is preparation. There is a lot to do before the big day comes. To approach your move in an organized fashion, thinking ahead and organization is your best friend. Do not attempt to do all these things the night before your move. How you plan can make this stressful transition a little smoother or painless.

  1. Preparing for Your Move – Do you know what you have? When was the last time you went through your closet? How many DVDs or purses do you have? Knowing what you own is the first step. It’s like taking inventory, and it will help you to estimate moving costs.
  2. Sort, Discard, & Donate – A good way to start is to sort everything you own into a keep, discard, or donate category.
  3. Equipment – If you are moving an office or a factory, you will need specific equipment and trucks to move as well.
  4. Know the Move – You will know what is best for you and where you are moving. After you have planned what to take, you need to know what distance your move is and if you need storage. Are you moving your home, business, or both? Know your needs before you search for a moving company. Knowing these things will help you communicate what you need and what kind of moving services you are looking for.
  5. Moving and Storage Companies – What do you think are the best qualities in a moving and storage company? The best movers will be efficient and detailed. You need a dependable team and vehicles which will know how to pack, handle, and safely deliver your goods to your new home.
  6. Supplies – Lastly, as you wait for the move to happen, make sure you collect cardboard boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, markers, and more. Look up the area you are moving into. What is the job market like, the local schools, and parks?


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Hopefully by now, you understand that the more you prepare, the less stressful your move will be. For more information on how one of the top moving and storage companies in Roanoke, VA can help make your move easier, contact Relocation Benefits today!